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    高中作文 / 2020-09-15 09:42


    Dear John,

    How time flies! Four moths have passed since we saw each other last time. I cannot helpbut miss you. You asked me about Chinese Spring Festival. Now I would like to tell yousomething about it.The Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. It is the most important and enjoyable one. A few days before the festival, houses are cleaned and red couplets are put up on the doors of every household. They are said to frighten away the ghosts. On that day, people are dressed up. Firecrackers ring out in the air, which adds to the atmosphere of the festival. People after a year’s hard work begin to relax and visit one another. Presents and dinners are given to celebrate the happy reunion of friends and relatives. Families get together. They have jiaozi and enjoy the New Year TV show. Customs may vary from place to place, but the same happy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in the country.

    Now, I hope you have some idea of Chinese Spring Festival.

    Best wishes,


    Li Hua


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